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Clinic Registration & Volunteer Refunds

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2016

Volunteer Clinic Registration

Volunteers Registering for Respect in Sport, Coach 2 (formerly Hybrid), Dev 1 &/or Safety Clincs are to register at under the "Clinics" tab. Please contact administrator for Hockey ID# before registering. The Hockey ID# is also available on the BC Hockey Official Team Roster that the managers are given each season. You must be an active volunteer and rostered to a specific team in order to receive a refund for the BC Hockey clinics.

NEW! Criminal Record Check - All volunteers must submit the Criminal Record Check Application emailed notice from the Ministry of Justice, to the Administrator/Registrar prior to participation with players for tryouts, practices, games, etc. The CRC is submitted online (see the "FORMS" tab) and the "Respect in Sport" online clinic. Be sure volunteers select the "RIS for team officials". The RIS expires every four years.

NEW! Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) - All BC Hockey Team Officials on rostered teams, including on ice helpers and managers, must be qualified in the CATT prior to participation in any practice or game.  The FREE online clinic takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once the volunteer completes the course please submit the emailed notification to the Administrator/Registrar. 

Recreation head coaches and assistants require the Coach 2 - Coach Level and the HU Online Coach 1/2 (formerly Hybrid Clinic)

Rep coaches and assistants require the Dev 1 Clinic.

Safety People require the HCSP on line Clinic. The HCSP expires after six years.

Mandatory Checking Program
This program began in 2014-2015. Those coaches that took the "Coach 2 or Hybrid Clinic" in the last three seasons do NOT need to take the Checking Skills program. All other volunteer head and assistant coaches will need take it. 

Making Ethical Decisions - MED for DEV 1 Coaches
Updates are required for certain returning coaches to maintain their certification at Dev 1. New Dev 1 delegates will experience the new version of the program.

Click here for more info.

Volunteer Clinic Refunds

Volunteers must be rostered to a specific team during the current season in order to receive a refund.

REFUND: Submit  "electronic receipt" from BC Hockey to PMHA Administrator. Receipts must include registration with clinic name, volunteer name, date and $ amount. The email from BC Hockey stating they have received your post task must also be submitted with the receipts. If BC Hockey has not submitted an email to you by March 31st, then it is the volunteer's responsibility to contact BC Hockey at requesting an emailed confirmation that they have received your post task.

Receipts must be submitted no later than March 1st to the PMHA Administrator. Refunds will NOT be eligible after March 31st.

Please forward receipts to:

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