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The name of the Society is




The purposes of the society are:

a) TO provide its members with the opportunity of receiving training in playing hockey and participating in playing hockey and to encourage and develop boys and girls whose ages are between 3 years of age and 20 years of age as of December 31 in the year of their current registration in good sportsmanship, leadership, and mental/physical development by encouraging them to participate in athletic endeavors generally and in ice hockey in particular.

b) To provide instruction to boys and girls whose ages are between 3 years of age and 20 years of age as of December 31 in the year of their current registration in the game of ice hockey in all its phases.




a) Any person of good moral standing or organization residing in that geographic region recognized by B.C. Amateur Hockey Association as the Penticton and District Region shall be eligible for membership in the Society and shall become a member upon the person making application for membership and agreeing to abide by the Society's Constitution and By-Laws and by the Regulations of the Society as developed by the Society and put into force and effect from time to time, by the Society and upon acceptance of the person's application for membership by the Executive and upon the Society receiving payment of the current membership fee together with the amount of any debt or financial obligation owed by the applicant to the Society at the time of the making of the application for membership. All active memberships shall expire on the first day of September each calendar year.

b) The Executive may from time to time confer honorary membership on any worthy person of good moral standing, which membership may or may not include voting privileges as the Executive may deem fit.

c) Only members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office, to vote and to be entitled to nominate candidates for office in the organization.

d) The Membership Committee shall have the power to expel or suspend any member, including any Director, whose conduct shall have been determined by the Membership Committee to be improper, unbecoming or likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the Society or who willfully Commits a breach of the Constitution, By-Laws or Regulations of the Society as per the Regulations.



The organization shall be composed of the general membership of the Society.



a) Membership fees shall be payable at the time of application for membership.

b) The membership fees may be fixed, altered or changed at any General Meeting of the Society by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members actually present at the time of such meeting.



a) The governing and administrative body of the organization shall be the Executive, which shall be responsible to the membership for the efficient management of the affairs of the Society.

b) The Executive shall consist of the following: the Immediate Past President, as well as the President, the Vice-President, both of whom shall be elected alternating two (2) year terms, the Secretary, the Treasurer, whom shall be elected to two (2) year terms, and ten (10) Elected Directors serving two (2) year terms, after half, five (5) of whom alternating every second year, and in addition thereto, the Elected Executive may appoint additional Directors to a maximum of four (4). Appointed Directors and any such appointment of a Director by the Executive shall be for a one year term of office. The duties of the Treasurer may be combined with those of the Secretary.

c) No member shall be eligible to become a member of the Executive unless he be in good standing in the Society and by good standing is meant that such member shall have paid his current fees in the Society and shall be of good moral conduct and behavior. An employee, contractor or sub-contractor of the Society shall not be eligible to become, or remain as, a member of the Executive during the term of employment or contract.

d) All members of the Executive other than Directors appointed by the Executive, shall be elected at the Society's Annual General Meeting and the Appointed Directors shall be appointed by the Executive within ninety (90) clear days after the date on which the last Annual General Meeting of the Society was held, provided, however, that should a position on the Executive become vacant due to the death, resignation or removal of a member of the Executive, the Executive have the power to appoint a member in good standing to fill such vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting of the Society and all Appointed Directors shall have the same voting power as an elected member of the Executive.



No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present. A quorum for an Executive meeting shall consist of at least eight (8) Executive members, and a quorum for a General Meeting shall consist of at least nine (9) members, and a quorum for a Committee meeting shall consist of at least fifty one percent (51%) of the Committee members. In determining whether a quorum is present at any meeting, the President shall be included as a member constituting a quorum.



a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society, whether such meeting be a General or Executive Meetings, and shall perform all duties relating to his office.

b) The Vice-President shall act for the President in the absence or illness of the President.

c) The Treasurer shall receive and forthwith deposit in the bank of the Society any and all moneys belonging to the organization and may be bonded in such amount and for such period as the Executive deem proper.

d) The Secretary shall be responsible for all official correspondence and for maintaining proper files and minutes of all Executive and General Meetings and shall preserve and have the custody of all books and documents.

e) A financial statement shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive upon the request of the Executive.



a) No member shall attempt to raise any funds in the name of or for the Society without first obtaining the approval of the Executive.

b) Payments or expenditures of $100.00 or less may be made by or on behalf of the Society by a member of the Executive or such other person as is duly authorized or appointed to so act by the Executive without need of first obtaining further approval from the Executive.

c) No payment or expenditure for an amount greater than $100.00 shall be made by or on behalf of the Society without the person making the payment or incurring the expenditure first obtaining the approval of the Executive, which approval shall be gained by a majority vote of the Executive.

d) The fiscal year of the Society shall run from the first day of May in any year to and including the 30th day of April in the following year.

e) The books and accounts of the Society shall have a review engagement financial statement completed once a year by an accredited Accountant duly appointed by the Executive prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

f) Moneys shall only be withdrawn from the bank account of the Society in a manner decided from time to time by the Executive.

g) The Society shall not provide gifts for championship teams with the exception of crests only.



a) The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held during May in each year at a date to be determined by the Executive and at such Annual General Meeting, officers shall be elected and annual reports shall be submitted.

b) Executive Meetings shall be held at least once in each calendar month the last Annual General Meeting of the Society.

c) The Secretary shall give at least fourteen (14) days written notice, or notice posted in local print media of the Annual General Meeting or of any General Meeting of the Society to the members and at least one days notice of an Executive Meeting to the members of the Executive.

d) Any special meeting of the Society may be called by the Executive or by any ten percent (10%) of the voting members and fourteen (14) days written notice of such meeting to the members of the Society.



a) The President or the Executive may constitute such committees of the Society as may be deemed advisable and shall appoint the Chairman of such committees. The Committee Chairman shall be responsible to the Executive for the activities of such committee.

b) Committee Chairmen may be requested to attend Executive meetings.



a) All equipment used by the Society shall be purchased by the Executive or by its duly authorized representative.

b) No equipment shall be used by any member except under the authority of the person or persons in charge of such equipment duly appointed by the Executive.



a) Neither the Society or any member thereof shall be held liable to any person for injury, loss, or damage of any nature, sustained or caused during participation in any activity conducted by the Society including, but not limited to, the following: participating in giving hockey instruction to players or in training players to play hockey or in traveling to or from hockey games, hockey practices or other events conducted under the auspices of the Society or in playing hockey games or through the use of equipment owned or provided by the Society or through disciplinary action invoked by the Society or carried out by the Society or howsoever caused and no member shall sue or cause to be sued the Society or any member thereof for any injury, loss, or damage caused or sustained by any of the aforementioned means or in any manner howsoever caused.



a) At an Annual General or Special General Meeting a family unit over the age of nineteen (19) and in good standing is entitled to a maximum of two (2) votes and an Organization is entitled to one (1) vote only.

b) Proxy votes will not be accepted at any Annual or Special General Meeting.

c) In the case of an equality of votes, the chairperson shall not have a casting or second vote in addition to the vote to which he or she is entitled as a member of the executive, and the proposed motion shall not pass.



The Society may borrow, raise or secure payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit, and in particular, by the issue of debentures charged on all or any part of the Society's property by way of mortgage or by way of any other security, but such debentures shall not be issued nor shall any security be given without the sanction of a Special Resolution of the Society.



Any proposed Special Resolution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society in the form of a motion and signed by the member who is making the motion and by the member who is seconding the motion and by not less than twenty five (25) members where the Special Resolution is proposed by the Membership, or by the President or acting Chairperson of the Executive where the Special Resolution is proposed by the Executive, and the Secretary shall present such proposed Special Resolution to the Executive at the next meeting of the Executive of the Society and the proposed Special Resolution shall be placed before the Membership for consideration and voting thereon at the next Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Society provided however, that not less than fourteen (14) clear days notice of any proposed General Meeting at which the Special Resolution shall be voted upon shall be given by the Secretary to the Membership. The passage and adoption of a Special Resolution shall require approval by seventy five percent (75%) of the votes cast by those members present at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Society at which the Special Resolution is presented for voting upon being in favor of the proposed Special Resolution, and in the event that the required notice has not been given to the members by the Secretary, the passage of such Special Resolution shall require the unanimous votes of all members present at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting at which the proposed Special Resolution is presented for voting upon.


a) These By-laws shall only be altered or added to by a Special Resolution.

b) Addition(s), deletion(s), alteration, or change(s), to the Regulations require a notice of motion outlining the proposed addition(s), deletion(s), alteration, or change and approval of 75% of the Executive members at the next Executive meeting.


The Secretary shall be responsible for filing or causing to be filed with the Registrar of Companies all resolutions and documents required to be filed under the "Society Act."



The books and records of the Society may be inspected at the offices of the Secretary by any member of the Society at any reasonable hour of the day upon giving due notice to the Secretary and no fee shall be charged for such inspection.


Dated: April 25,1995

Amended: May 13, 2003

Amended: May 25, 2005

Amended: May 25, 2011

Amended: May 23, 2012

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